Startup Analysis for Corporates

100% individualized, 2x as fast, 1/3 the price

Relevant for Asset & Portfolio

We create transparancy! Only startups that match your company’s portofilo, assets or stragety are being analyzed.

Impulse for new products

Thanks to a global scope, StartupZoom constantly provides new business models as inspiration for complementing existing products or new development.

Excellent Processing

We provide professional analyses in a slideshow format that give you precise overviews and are suitable for internal decision-making.




5 general Startup Analyses for your chosen industry (Logistics & Mobility, E-Commerce & Trade or FinTech) per month.

(Content of Analysis: Overview, Process, Business Model)

5 optimized* Startup Analyses for your desired topic (e.g. B2B Logistics, Industry 4.0) with delimitation of the region (Germany, DACH etc.). per month.

(Content of Analysis: Overview, Process, Business Model)


Monthly, individualized Startup Analyses based on your coordinated portfolio **

(Content of Analysis: Overview, Process, Business Model, Company Fit, Realization)

(*) Based on a needs analysis, we ensure that the scouted startups are relevant for your company’s focus. If desired and doable, we also offer to narrow down to specific regions.

(**) Based on a detailed company analysis, we guarantee to solely pick topics that are relevant for your assets. We evaluate your company’s fit, as well as the realization for each selected startup.


Der Startup Report gibt sehr interessante Impulse für neue Geschäftschancen (z.B. Anregungen für Kooperationen), so dass ein regelmäßiges Lesen wirklich Sinn macht.


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Die Darstellung der Startups mit Kurzcharakteristik (Kernidee, Prozess, Geschäftsmodell) und DPAG-spezifischer Bewertung (strategischer Fit, Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten) erlaubt ein sehr effizientes Screening.


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